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Our Story 

It started with a love for family

El Taco Loco was created because my kids were starting to grow up. The original "El Taco Loco" was a food truck that I created four years ago. My daughter was just starting high school and her brothers weren't that far behind. I needed a way to start saving for them to go to college. It is very important to me that they all continue their education. I also wanted them to learn how to earn their own money while still keeping the family together. In 2015 we opened a permanent restaurant and my daughter started her freshman year in college. She continues to work on breaks and my sons still have a few years before they need to start college.


My wife and I decided we also wanted a way for our kids to be more immersed in our family heritage. That's when we decided to sell tacos and other authentic mexican food. We also encourage our kids and other employees to take orders not only in english but in spanish as well. Our hope is that our kids and employees take something from this experience.

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